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Look at any mountain bike or road bike magazine at the moment and the name specialized will be there. Specialized have earnt their place as one of the worlds leading bike inovators and we are proud to be sole island agents and stockists of their products.

You will notice as you look through the Specilized site, linked below, that they have a huge range of 120 seperate models to cover the varying needs of todays cyclist. From beginner to pro rider the same ethics of quality and performance will make your cycling a great experience.


Why should you order your bike from us?

Well we love cycling too and to help you get the best from your bike we know that it needs setting up correctly and maintaining. Before you collect your bike from us it will be safety checked and performance tuned.

Then after you have a few good rides we like to have the bike back to check it again making any adjustment you feel would help you get the most from your riding.

Have a look at the fantastic range of Specialized bikes and if you have any enquiries about price and availability, send us a message or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

If your happy - we're happy. If your not happy .... we'll just try harder to make you happy!

Specialized website